Like any tool, a computer should be used correctly and maintained to ensure maximum performance. Here are some tips to better use your PC:

1: Empty recycle bin and clear out downloads and documents. Normally anything in your downloads is only used once, while files in recycle bin are already condemned, and if left unchecked the folder will just fill up needlessly. Save whatever you need to documents or some other safe place and remove everything else.

2: Update Windows and crucial software. While the bugfixes and improvements are much desired, the true beauty of updates are the security patches they add. Keep your software up to date to avoid security breaches.

3: Install and manage an anti-virus software. This is pretty common knowledge, but more often than not, it is overlooked. Even the most seemingly safe sites can have malware hidden in it, so keep your protection running.

4: Keep the area around your computer clean and cooled by not obstructing the airflow and cleaning up dust that collects behind and around the machine.

5: Restart the machine every so often. A complete reboot will refresh the RAM and give it a moment to breathe before powering up again.