The moment of agony, you’ve just accidentally emptied the trash bin on your computer. You had important files in there, and now you can’t get them back. You really needed those files for something that you are doing at work or school. Your files are just, gone. Or are they? Believe it or not, there is a way to get your deleted files back. How do you do it? I’ll show you.

In order to regain your accidentally deleted files, you first need to download and install a program called “Recuva”. This program will allow you to recover (Get it?) your deleted files. Recuva is a program made by Piriform, the same company that has made CCleaner, Speccy and Defraggler, three programs that I would recommend 100%. Due to the way that computer’s store and erase information, Recuva is best downloaded on a different computer, and run from a USB drive or SD card.

How a Computer Deletes Files

Before I show you how to use the software, I need to explain how your computer “deletes” files. See, a computer doesn’t really delete files. I have found that a great way to explain how it works is to compare a computer deleting a file to a paper shredder. When paper is put through a paper shredder, it is cut up into tiny strands. These strands can be scattered around, or just thrown into a garbage can. Theoretically however, the pieces of paper can be put back together to get the original document back. This is much the same way that a computer deletes files. So, that means that a deleted file still can be reconstructed back into the original by using special computer software.

How to Use Recuva

To obtain this software, go here. Once you have downloaded the files, follow the instructions in the installation wizard. Once the program is installed, run the program. Once the program is open, follow the instructions, select where you want to search, what type of files you want to search for, and whether or not you want the program to perform a deep scan. (Note: This process may take a few minutes depending on how many files are on your computer.) When it is done, you will see that some files are unrecoverable, while some are still in excellent condition. Hopefully the files that you want back are able to be recovered.

That’s it, you’re done! Many people do not know that it is possible to recover some of the files that you think you have “permanently” deleted. I hope that this post has helped some of you, take care,

Griffin Brautigam Technical Intern