Recently, gaming and computer businesses alike are creating newer, more advanced technology. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two such things: the prior  is a headset in which you can play games, watch movies, or use your computer, all right before your eyes; the latter allows you to see 3-D screens in front of you, and you can manipulate them with your hands and voice. HoloLens is the most developed AR hardware, and while still in development, they are shipping out test products for people to use. It costs quite a bit ($3000) but for what it can do, the price is easily justified.

So, what can it do? HoloLens is, I believe the shortened name for “holographic lens”, and it does just that. Using specialized components and high tech sensors, the visor creates holographic images that you can not only just see directly in front of you, but can be altered using voice commands and your own two hands, similar to the screens Iron Man uses but inside of the visor instead of out in the open (for now). With built in speakers added, you can move freely around your environment and still hear, and be able to interact, with the HoloLens, even while moving around.

HoloLens is most exciting in its potential: imagine an architect designing a building in HoloLens and then being able to go to the site and place his 3-D blueprint on the site, seeing it as if it were actually there. A friend that I spoke to exhibited interest in being able to design cosplay costumes with more ease, and gamers will be overjoyed with its compatibility with the game Minecraft, although I believe it will definitely be more useful in a business/creative setting than a gaming one.

For the price of $3000, it seems quite daunting, but considering the fact it’s justifiably being marketed towards companies and designers for business and development purposes, it’s entirely fair. Hopefully however, one day you will be able to buy HoloLens¬†as if it’s just another peripheral, and I truly believe that day is coming. The future, is now.


~Chris Watson, Technical Intern