Computers are expensive machines, but they’re also a machine that, more often than not, is as powerful as the amount of money you pour into it. A method that is becoming more popular is to simply buy the parts and build the PC yourself. This is good, and bad, for multiple reasons.

It grants a lot of options for customization. One trouble I’ve always had is that stock and pre-built machines never have exactly what I’m looking for, and on the rare occasion that they do, they are generally fairly pricey. Building your own machine allows you to make it however you want, within certain parameters of course.

It can also be cheaper. There’s a machine no longer on the market that was somewhere in the neighborhood of $3000 for the machine and a basic keyboard and mouse, but after some research, I discovered I could build a machine that was more powerful for about a thousand dollars less. I always say that with computers, you get the amount you put in, but in this case, you’d be putting in too much for too little.

On the flip side, it isn’t easy. For an end user to with little to no knowledge on computers, there’s all the hassle of knowing what to buy so that everything is compatible, and that’s not even worrying about putting the actual machine together when you have the parts. If you’re starting to figure computers out, it might be worth a shot, but in my personal opinion, do not attempt liquid cooling unless you are experienced or a professional, because a soaked machine is nothing to laugh about.

Building your own machine is definitely an efficient way of buying a computer. If you are a gamer, or looking for a very specific build to suit your needs, this could very well be the option for you.