Windows 10 was released a few days under a month ago, and was nothing short of a metaphorical bang in the technology community. The nature of its being a free upgrade is most likely an apology for how not-user-friendly Windows 8 was, but its price tag (or lack thereof) was just as much an apology for the actual release, which was fairly rocky for some people.

Speaking for myself, I upgraded to Windows 10 the night of release, and was not happy to find that my Nvidia graphics drivers were refusing to update, or even install, when I logged on in the morning. After struggling for a day or so, my monitor finally allowed me to use my native resolution of 1920×1080, but GeForce Experience is still clashing with the new automatic driver updates that Windows is now enforcing. The GUI and capabilities of the new Microsoft operating system do not disappoint, but it’s still very imperfect, and needs some serious work. For gamer’s and graphics designers, it could be very useful once it’s all sorted out.

~Chris Watson, Technical Intern